About us

Our Founders: Earle S. Altman - Peter Burack - Gregg L. Schenker - Steven Hornstock

ABS Partners was founded by seasoned real estate professionals, Earle S. Altman, Gregg L. Schenker, Peter Burack and Steven Hornstock in 1999. Our maxim “We Build Partnerships That Last” is a commitment to navigate the marketplace with a steady hand and uncompromising focus to your long-term interests.

“ABS has an established track record of developing results-oriented solutions for our clients, leveraging our command of all facets of commercial real estate.”

Our Core Values


Principal to Principal

Conduct Business From
an Owners Point of View

Reputation Is Everything

Industry Relationships
Built to Last

Integrity is Indispensable

Maintain a Dedicated
Focus on Ethical Values

Focus on Results

Leverage Our Integrated
Understanding of Real Estate