Continued Layoffs by Meta Lowers NYC Employee Headcount to 5,000

Although by comparison tech companies have far less New York City employees than the largest city companies, by opening large local offices, the “Silicon Valley giants have made a massive impact on the [city’s] local talent ecosystem.” Recent state filings of Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) notices by Meta, which operates Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, shed light on the social media company’s headcount in New York City. The Farley Building at 372 Ninth Avenue houses 2,339 Meta employees, followed closely behind by the 2,336 employees at 770 Broadway, and lastly there are nearly 1,000 employees at 30 Hudson Yards — temporary space leased while awaiting the buildout of Meta’s offices at 50 Hudson Yards. The second round of 548 layoffs made last week were “about evenly distributed among the three locations.”