Financial Burden of Asylum Seekers Prompts Adams Request to Agencies for Proposed 5% Cuts

By law New York City cannot turn away those who need housing, however, the financial burden on taking in a wave of 110,000 migrants is taking a toll on the city’s finances. In an effort to reduce overall city expenses, Mayor Eric Adams has asked city agencies to “submit proposed annual budget cuts of 5% by November.” It is expected that both long-time New Yorkers and asylum seekers will feel the impact of the potential cuts despite the mayor’s office seeking to minimize disruptions to programs while avoiding layoffs. It is estimated by the city administration that the cost may reach $12 billion over the next three fiscal years with an estimated 10,000 asylum seekers arriving each month. New York City as well as other sanctuary major cities across the U.S. are struggling to find the resources to shelter new migrants, prompting the Biden administration to request $4 billion in emergency funding for border and migration management, but it is “whether Congress can reach consensus on a plan.”