Governor Hochul Announces the Designation of the Central Harlem North Historic District

An approximately ten block area within Manhattan’s Harlem neighborhood has recently been added to the New York State and National Registers of Historic Places by Governor Hochul. The newly designated Central Harlem North Historic District (CHNHD) is one of 37 new historic statewide sites recognized for their cultural and historical significance. Dating back to around 1893 and extending to as recently as 1952, the CHNHD “is a compelling illustration of Harlem’s broader evolutions as a working-class residential neighborhood with deep toes to the real estate endeavors” of Philip Payton Jr., recognized as the first noted black male real estate agent, and who founded the Afro-American Realty Company in 1903, as well as the evolution of New York’s transit systems. Governor Hochul stated in the press release that the nominated properties reflect generations of community building, planning, and activities providing a glimpse into the collective past of New York State, and by adding them to historic registers expand people’s ongoing understanding “of our shared history and are important reminders of the innovation, passion, and lived experiences of New Yorkers who came before us.”