Grand Central Madison – Past, Present, and Future Overview

the most expensive mass transit undertakings in the world; and was constructed 17-stories below street level. The new concourse is expected to reduce commuting time for the thousands that work on Manhattan’s East Side by as much as 40 minutes; potentially help alleviate Penn Station crowding with an estimated 45% of LIRR commuters diverting to Grand Central Madison; and has created connections to parts of Queens and Metro-North stations. The “soft” opening of the new concourse on Wednesday, January 25th has only one to two trains running per hour in the station, but when full service goes into operation, that number will increase to 24-trains per hour. However, some have questioned the project since its opening comes at a time when commuting patterns are in flux with weekday LIRR ridership is hovering around 65% of pre-pandemic levels.