Manhattan’s Return to Office Volume as of Mid-September Near 50%

On September 15th, 2022, the Partnership for New York City released the results of an updated Return to Office Survey based on feedback from more than 160 major Manhattan office employers between August 29 and September 12, 2022. As of mid-September, 49% of Manhattan office workers are currently in the office on an average weekday, up from 38% in April. However, only 9% of employees are in the office five days a week, while the share of office employees working fully remote lowered from 28% in April to 16% in mid-September. Looking ahead, although it is projected that by January 2023, 54% of workers will be in the office on an average weekday, 77% of employers indicated a hybrid office schedule will be their predominant post-pandemic policy. Among the industry groups surveyed, real estate firms expect average daily attendance to remain at 82% by January 2023 at the high, in contrast to the technology industry where average daily attendance is projected to reach 50% at the low; while law and financial firms project 61% to 63% attendance.