Mayor Adams Files Lawsuit Bus Companies Transporting Migrants from Texas

A lack of support from the Federal government related to the growing migrant crisis in New York City that has been further fueled by “red-state governors including Texas Gov. Greg Abbott” prompted Mayor Adams during the first week of January to “file suit in state court against 17 charter bus and transportation companies it says have helped Abbott bus migrants into New York City.” Although some experts believe the case is a “legal longshot,” others describe it as an ambitious attempt to “get a handle on the crisis and recoup some of the $3 billion taxpayers have spent to house and feed asylum-seekers since 2022.” The suit further says, “the charter bus companies receive about $1,650 per person to transport migrants, far more than a standard bus ticket, demonstrating the companies’ ‘bad faith’ involvement.” It is hoped that “at a minimum the suit puts charter-bus companies on the defensive and may make it harder for Abbott to keep up the pace — while giving the city more time to persuade Congress and the Biden administration to address a crisis that should not fall so heavily on the shoulders on New York City.”