MTA Announces Framework to Significantly Reduce its Greenhouse Gas Emissions

While recognizing that the use of mass transit in New York City has allowed “New Yorkers to avoid emitting 20 million metric tons of carbon annually by keeping cars off the road, according to a new analysis released by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the agency also recognizes the need to find innovative ways to reduce the transit system’s emissions. Progress to green New York State’s electrical grid will help the MTA to achieve its goal to reduce emissions 85% by 2040. Steps within the recently announced framework include updating facilities, transitioning all fleets — steps already underway with the launch of a pilot program in 2019 upon taking possession of 15 electric buses from the agency’s 60-all-electric bus order; and increasing energy efficiency by “using energy management technologies, regenerative energy and power storage, and deploying on-site renewable energy installations.”