New Plan Intended to Tighten NYC Construction Shed Rules Unveiled

While it is recognized that sidewalk sheds are an important public safety tool, decade-old rules governing construction sheds have “incentivized property owners to leave them up for long periods of time.  As a result, there are “approximately 9,000 active, permitted construction sheds with an average age of nearly 500 days and spanning more than 2 million linear feet, or nearly 400 miles” according to the recent news release from Mayor Eric Adams’ office. The plan dubbed “Get Sheds Down” has been unveiled by the mayor in collaboration with New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) Commissioner Jimmy Oddo calls for multiple changes that could reduce the number of sidewalk sheds installed in the first place and tighten restriction of shed permit duration. Overall response to the plan by several business improvement districts (BIDs), the Real Estate Board of New York and local legislative representatives was favorable, all applauding the aggressive initiative to further beautify the city’s sidewalks and make them more pedestrian friendly.