New York Action Plan Announced by Hochul and Adams

On Wednesday, December 14, 2022, the joint announcement by Governor Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams provided an overview of an action plan to ensure that New York works for all New Yorkers. Dubbed “’New’ New York: Making New York Work for Everyone,” the unified vision for the city from the mayor and governor includes 40 initiatives offering a roadmap for the city’s future based upon recommendations “crafted by a 59-member “’New’ New York” panel led by former NYC Deputy Mayors Richard Buery and Dan Docteroff. The five key areas of action for 2023 focus on achieving goals that will reimagine New York City’s commercial districts as vibrant 24/7 destinations — particularly in districts that have been slower to recover in the wake of the pandemic such as Midtown and Lower Manhattan; make it easier for New Yorkers to get to work by improving commutes; support the growth of jobs; as well as increase the supply of housing. The “New” New York Leadership Steering Group will lead the implementation of the action plan.