New York City Prepares for the Return of International Tourists

Beginning November 8, 2021, the United States will reopen its borders to international travel — at least for the fully vaccinated. New York City, which is among the five most popular destinations across the U.S., is gearing up to welcome the return of international travelers for the first time since more than a year. The Empire State Building will be lit up on Monday night in recognition of the day. It is anticipated that the return of international tourism will have a great impact on businesses, particularly in districts such as Times Square which “has always relied on visitors from all over the world.” Tom Harris, the president of the Times Square Alliance pointed out that although Times Square only represents 0.1% of the city’s land mass, it accounts for 15% of its economy, continuing to say that “the success of Times Square’s recovery is vitally important to the overall success of New York City’s recovery.”