Partnership for New York City: Return to Office Survey Results – May 2022

The results of the Partnership for New York City’s (PFNYC) survey of more than 160 major employers between April 21 and May 4, 2022, indicated that as of late April 2022, 38% of Manhattan office workers are in the workplace on an average weekday, a percentage that is expected to increase to 49% by September 2022. As of late April 2022, 8% are in five days a week, while 28% are fully remote — percentages that are expected to change to 9% and 14% respectively by September 2022. The remaining office workers continue a hybrid routine of mixed onsite and remote work.

The real estate industry leads the way for the highest percentage of office workers in the workplace among the group of industries surveyed by PFNYC, with an expected average daily attendance of 85% by September 2022 at the high and 26% in the accounting industry at the low. Although a 78% majority of surveyed employers plan to institute a hybrid model, 91% are encouraging employees to return to the office; and 39% expect to increase their New York City office-based workforce in the next five years.