Remote Workers Increasingly Shift from Home to the Local Gym or Coffee Shop

A growing number of remote workers are leaving the four-walls of their in-home office in search of a nearby environment that offers the social buzz they crave. Although initially appearing to be an ideal situation, the work-from-home option appears to have lost some of its luster, resulting in local cafés, coffee shops, libraries, and gyms being overrun with workers that don’t want to be at home or commute to the office. In the past, gyms were wary of opening their doors to the remote-worker masses. However, more recently they realize that the concept creates opportunity in part from the increased portion of the day spent around the gym leading to bigger spending in the facilities’ cafés and wellness services too. Some gyms are creating co-working spaces to separate the remote workers from the exercise crowd; while others “are charging extra and offering entire floors for clients to stay and work all day,” providing a convenient place that remote workers already frequent and enjoy spending the extra time.