Rethinking the Office Concept to Better Align with an Evolving Work Environment

Now that the Biden Administration has declared the pandemic officially over, companies remain divided on how many days employees should be mandated to work in the office, with some pushing for a five day per week return, while other companies are ready to declare hybrid work schedules the new reality. As part of companies’ ongoing discussions, a revisioning of the workplace is among the surfacing topics, with many companies accepting that even before the pandemic, a return to the drawing board was needed. Views of the purpose of the office have also become varied, with some startups deciding an office is really a place to gather, socialize, and be inspired rather than a place “you go into to do heads-down work.” While some other companies are “completely rethinking the idea of a permanent office;” and instead inviting workers to company retreats as a way for people in different departments to get to know each other.