Rules for NYC’s Permanent Outdoor Dining Released by Mayor’s Office

New York City’s new “Dining Out NYC” program was recently revealed by Mayor Eric Adams which will provide restaurant regulations and application links for the city’s new permanent outdoor dining program that allows for year-round sidewalk dining and roadway dining from April through November. The Intro. 31-C law that was signed by the Mayor in mid-August created the nation’s largest permanent outdoor dining program and expanded upon the temporary program launched during the pandemic that despite saving 100,000 jobs citywide and “making the streets more welcoming, vibrant, and joyful public spaces, led to quality-of-life issues due to restaurant owners being “unable to maintain loosely regulated outdoor dining setups” according the press release by the Mayor’s office. The New York City Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Dining Out NYC online portal currently provides a hub for ongoing education and outreach efforts to help eligible restaurants owners become familiar with the currently proposed rules and application process before the application portal is launched in early 2024. Currently the DOT is accepting comments on the rules, with the next public hearing scheduled for November 30th, 2023.


Dining Out NYC: