Startup Reveals Game Changing Concept to Remove CO2 from the Air

Graphyte, a startup backed by Bill gates, has revealed a concept that offers the potential to bring “the pipe dream of carbon capture” one step closer to reality. The company launched in 2023 that focuses on the sequestering of carbon recently announced a new approach to the removal of CO2 from the air. Described as a game changer, in part due to the cost effectiveness of the method compared to other “air capture technologies used in the United States and Iceland,” Graphyte claims its method of taking plant waste from timber companies and farmers, drying it, and compressing it into dense carbon blocks to be stored in underground sites will open the door to the storage of a ton of CO2 for around $100 per ton, compared to the cost of $600 to $1,200 per ton of other direct air capture technologies currently being used by simply bypassing the natural step of plant decay. If plans by Graphyte to bury 50,000 tons of carbon dioxide next year using its carbon block storage method are accomplished as planned, it “would make it the largest carbon removal company in the world.”