Subway Fare and Toll Evasion Reaches Crisis Level at an Estimated $690M in 2022

On May 17,2023, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) released the Final Report of the Blue-Ribbon Panel on Fare Evasion, revealing that in 2022 the MTA lost an estimated $690 million in unpaid fares and tolls. A comprehensive plan has been recommended to combat the trend that has reached crisis level as part of the Blue-Ribbon Panel’s mission to “reduce fare and toll evasion rates and dollar losses by half within three years across the entire MTA while boosting paid ridership.” Made up of a group of education, social justice, and law enforcement experts, the report’s findings and suggestions represent the culmination of over a year of intensive work by the 16-person panel. As the MTA looks to implement some of the Blue-Ribbon panel’s key recommendations, it is hoped that these solutions will increase the vital operating revenue the agency needs to provide “efficient and reliable transit service and keep fares affordable.”