The Largest Display of Work by Street-Artist Banksy Opening on Canal Street

Having attracted a high volume of followers over the years, 160 works of art by the “elusive” England-based street artist Banksy will for the first time be displayed in a dedicated eponymous Museum at 277 Canal Street. Hailed as “the largest display of Banksy work ever seen in a single setting,” to create an experience of displaying his work in the raw setting of the streets as it should be, the creators of the museum “employed a number of anonymous street artists to recreate Banksy’s work,” so “what you’ll see on the walls and propped up for display won’t necessarily by Banksy’s own work but celebratory creations of both iconic and lesser known pieces.” Although numerous pop-ups and stand-alone exhibits have given a small glimpse of his work, little of Banksy’s works are visible to the public at large. New York City will join several other destinations such as Barcelona, Brussels, Kraków and Paris that have similarly debuted.