Zoning Proposal Aims to Facilitate Affordable Housing Construction by Faith-Based Organizations

A recently announced proposal by Mayor Adams is intended to further spur construction of affordable housing under the mayor’s “City of Yes for Housing Opportunity” plan. Focused on faith-based organizations and other mission-driven nonprofits, the proposed zoning changes would lift a number of outdated zoning laws to facilitate the conversion of their underutilized properties into affordable housing units. A vote by the New York City Council is expected by the end of the year, following completion of the city’s public review process. At a time when New York City is facing “a generational housing crisis with a 1.4% rental vacancy rate,” the zoning proposal not only empowers houses of worship to serve New York’s most vulnerable but will also help these organizations and nonprofits ensure their own financial stability.

Source:  https://www.nyc.gov/office-of-the-mayor/news/219-24/mayor-adams-plan-help-faith-based-organizations-build-more-affordable-housing-nyc#/0